• L4Re::Treat<2019>

    This year’s retreat brought us to the Town of Tisá, Czech Republic, into a beautifully renovated Old Button Factory. The company arrived by different means of transport. Some with their private cars, some with a Carla bus and some by bike. Given that Tisá is ≈50km from Dresden, cycling there was a nice start.

  • A Winter Retrospect

    It finally looks like it’s springtime outside and we haven’t shared a word about the things we had done during the winter season yet! The obvious reason is that we were busy doing those things, so there was no time for writing them down. In any case, this blog is going to end the waiting and rectify the neglect.

  • Offsite 2018

    This year Kernkonzept’s annual offsite meeting took place in Germany’s start-up capital. This two-day gathering is our setting to review, discuss, and outlook the company’s achievements and future prospects. The surroundings meant to provide a notable change from our daily routine so that everybody felt invited to discuss, suggest and engage with the presented topics.

  • L4Re::Treat<2018>

    One week before Halloween we took a short break from everyday programming routine and retreated into a cottage away from our Dresden headquarters. The idea was to do some hiking, socialize over a glass of beer, cook and dine together and explore L4Re in rather unusual ways. Since L4Re is written in modern C++ we couldn’t help but name our event L4Re::Treat<2018>. Our retreat took place in the Czech Republic, near the city of Liberec, just under the Ještěd mountain.

  • Blogging Fiasco, not a blogging fiasco

    Welcome to our company blog about all things technological and social in the L4Re and Fiasco universe. Fiasco is by the way the name of our microkernel so we hope you appreciate the pun in the name of this post! In the future we will bring news about the latest L4Re releases and developments, interesting bugs, conference talks, hacking events and more. Stay tuned, microkernels are coming your way.

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