This year Kernkonzept’s annual offsite meeting took place in Germany’s start-up capital. This two-day gathering is our setting to review, discuss, and outlook the company’s achievements and future prospects. The surroundings meant to provide a notable change from our daily routine so that everybody felt invited to discuss, suggest and engage with the presented topics.

Berlin street

The first day started of with the traditional “State of the union” talk by our CEO Michael. He shared past and future challenges, chances, and also some moonshot goals where the company should head to. This was especially interesting for our new colleagues some of whom just recently joined.

Over the course of 1 1/2 day we had presentations by several teams to give everybody a deeper insight into their work. The offsite provides the right forum to understand and discuss the work of the various teams in an extent that is not possible in our day-to-day business. Among the topics we covered were product and research opportunities, our system verification progess, our branding progress, and organizational changes due to our constant company growth.

A nice diversion from our office routine was the visit of the Final Escape Room. The well designed and inspiring rooms challenged teams of 4 or 5 persons with a good hour of mysteries and puzzles. While not everybody was convinced in the first place, in the end all enjoyed it. And eventually all team members could escape their rooms within the given time frame.

Final escape

Trusting and embracing the unknown could also have been the motto of our dinner at foodbuzz. There we had to guess several surprising ingredients of our tasty three-course menue. Our highlights were protein beer, tomato soup and bars containing insect flour. The very pleasant service of Christine and Stefan gave us an insight into the world of food start-ups.

Kernkonzept sign

While only 1 1/2 day long, I think the offsite helped everybody to get onto the same page with regard to where the company is heading and what the different teams are working on in detail. I personally find this very valuable because it keeps me up-to-date with all the different activities that are going on at Kernkonzept.