It finally looks like it’s springtime outside and we haven’t shared a word about the things we had done during the winter season yet! The obvious reason is that we were busy doing those things, so there was no time for writing them down. In any case, this blog is going to end the waiting and rectify the neglect.

Christmas tuning

Winter at Kernkonzept started one day earlier with the release of our virtual machine monitor and IO manager components on GitHub. We also wrote a new tutorial that shows how to use these new components to run a Linux guest on 64-bit ARM in QEMU. For good measure, we also took part in the QEMU Advent Calendar and provided a small image that commemorates our release by presenting the new packages under a nice Christmas tree. Of course the Christmas tree is drawn by a busybox Linux distribution, which runs on top of L4Re, which runs in QEMU – just as one can learn from the tutorial. Btw, if you feel like playing with the QEMU Advent Calendar image, there is an Easter egg waiting for you…


Shortly after the holiday season, it was time to head to Brussels to enjoy another year of FOSDEM and especially its Microkernel devroom. This year we had two talks there. Jakub showed a couple of live L4Re demos involving the newly released GitHub packages and Matthias spoke about the effects of the Meltre and Specdown1 vulnerabilities on microkernel systems in general and L4Re in particular.

At the beginning of March, we partnered with, which is a major contributor to Automotive Grade Linux, and participated in the Automotive Grade Linux All Members Meeting in Tokyo. We jointly gave a presentation and a demo of using L4Re as a hypervisor to partition AGL into two VMs of different criticalities driving the Renesas R-Car3 H3 board.

AGL AMM 2019

Well, it was a busy winter in retrospect. Stay tuned for the next season!

  1. Deliberate misspelling of Meltdown and Spectre